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I think it has been more than a year since I have done any proper weight training. Join me and a few other friends in one of our workout sessions.

Why did I stop going to the gym?

A gym membership was simply an on-going cost that I could not sustain as an early-stage entrepreneur. I’ve had to make the tough decision of cutting it out for now, along with many other expenses. I stripped everything back to the essentials. This includes food, clothing, alcohol, entertainment, shopping, etc.

I took some time to live simply and work with what I have. This process has been very eye-opening for me and has allowed me the opportunity to make a decision on what things I really wanted back in my life. If I wanted something back so bad, I would figure out a way.

Recently, I have been adding back the things that I love and miss the most. At the time of writing, I have added a few things back, including gym time. And the best part… it’s all free (financially speaking). All that is asked in return is discipline, commitment and sweat. All of which I am happy to give.

I am still in the process of cutting out as much as I can.

What are my fitness goals?

My aim is not to be the biggest, most muscular person. As I am getting older, I am more focused on exercise and health habits that contribute to long-term well-being, longevity and mobility. I’ve been injured before. It’s not fun and that experience made me realise how much I took my health and youth for granted.

I believe that being healthy is ultimately a change in lifestyle and habits. I don’t believe in health fads and binges. I don’t disillusion myself with motivation because motivation is fleeting.

Instead I apply the 80-20 rule. If I can stay disciplined and stick to good habits 80% of the time, I can allow myself to enjoy and indulge in the other 20% and still remain on track. This is why friends and family see me simply just eat at family gatherings and parties. I enjoy myself. Most people only get to see the 20%. The rest of the 80% I do in my own time.

I love the soundtrack for this video. It’s a song called ALL YOU GOT by Brisbane’s finest The Fling ft. Pistola Ave.

I’m a big fan of these people and their music. I hope I made a good quality personal video to compliment the great soundtrack.

If you feel like I didn’t do it any justice, then by all means check out their music video in the link below:


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