Early Morning Uber Drive with Me

Come for a drive with me on one of my early morning shifts (3:30 am – 9 am). Listen to a great track and chill.

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Making Time vs. Shifting Time

I’ve recently changed my Uber driving schedule to a very scary 3:30 am to 9:00 am shift. Actually, it isn’t scary. It just means that I have to be disciplined about sleeping early and waking up early.

I’ve always heard the term “making time for something”. For example, making time for exercise, time with family, etc, etc.

But I ran into a problem… with a very busy schedule, I found it impossible to make time. There are only 24 hours in a day. So how am I supposed to make up that 25th or 26th hour.

This made me think that rather than making time, perhaps the better strategy was to shift time. Shifting my Uber driving schedule to an earlier time slot allowed the following things:

  • More time to spend with my business during normal business hours.
  • More earnings in the same time period due to lower competition of Uber drivers.
  • The option to stay at home during the evenings to unwind and relax.
  • More time for social activities during the weekends.

However, it also comes at the following costs…

  • I have to be disciplined about sleeping early.
  • Waking up that early is very, very hard especially when done regularly.
  • I have to take a nap after lunch time. But even after a nap, I am finding myself still mentally drained.

This earlier shift is still in an experimental phase. I like to experiment with different things and later evaluate the benefits or impact.

The key take-away is this:

Everyone gets the same 24 hours. How productive we are in those 24 hours is totally up to an individual. Maximising productivity will come at a cost and therefore discipline and balance is required to manage fatigue and stress levels.

Do you have some odd working hours? Let me know.

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