How to setup secure, private, peer-to-peer continuous file synchronizathion using Syncthing on Linux

You can now sync and share files privately between two (or more) computers. Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive are great. However, you may need more privacy and security for data that is sensitive.

For example, I use Syncthing to share config or database files for certain Linux applications. Syncing these files across different computers allows me to seamlessly use the application across two different computers with all my work and settings updated on each end.

In this video, I show you how to easily setup and configure Syncthing on a Linux system.

Note that you will need to keep both computers on for the file syncing to happen. Also, use with care and make regular backups of your files. There is no reverting your changes and the syncing happens continuously. Basically, there is potentially no way to recover files once you delete them or modify them.


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