Ice Skating with Mr. Chau

This past past week, I went ice skating with my friends Lyn, Orlando, Neha and Jhansi to celebrate Henri’s birthday. There were a few slips and trips, even perhaps a fall or two which weren’t caught on camera.

Learning to Ice Skate

Have you seen the movie The Might Ducks? I loved that movie as a kid growing up in the 90s. My siblings and I were always fans of skating and that movie simply added to the “cool” factor. We did it all – roller skates, roller blades and ice skates.

In 1994 the SM City Mall had opened in Cebu. This was a huge development for a small emerging city in the Philippines. We, Cebuanos, were finally going to get a taste of the “mall life”. This was a privilege which was only really available to our friends in Metro Manila.

The mall was huge! It had 6 cinemas, several department store floors, shops and restaurants. Best of all, it had an ice skating rink! My mom also started working at the mall. We used to spend Saturdays exploring the mall. And when we got bored, mom put us in that ice skating rink to burn off a couple of hours. Essentially, this is how I learned to ice skate.

I still remember the surprised looks on my Canadian friends’ faces when they saw a boy from the tropics glide through the ice much better than they did. Honestly, I’m not really that good but I am also not tripping and slipping.

Update: Operation “Brute Force”

I finally took two full days off to recharge. Operation “Brute Force” is kicking off this week. In a nutshell, I’ll be placing my promotional merchandising business on auto-pilot and focusing my energy on working full-time on Uber. The mission is to raise some extra cash and create a financial runway to eliminate debt and invest into scaling the business.

The whole month of May will be dedicated to this operation. I’ll discuss more about the plan and method next week. It’ll definitely include some heavy rest and recharge to ensure I don’t burn out.

I’ll catch up with y’all next week!

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