Promo Video – Judgement Day 2: The REVENGE

I’m getting really close to the end of another fun fitness challenge with my friend Josie. Originally, we did proper weight loss challenges but we reached a point where we both couldn’t really lose that much weight. We’d otherwise become nothing more than skin and bones.

So we decided to do a body transformation challenge. In other words, Judgement Day 1 was all about the looks. I lost this challenge back in November 2018. Her prize was a free meal.

Shortly, we decided to do a rematch. It would be dubbed Judgement Day 2: The Revenge.

On a serious note, I am determined to win this one. So I’ve tightened up my diet and committed to doing exercise 5 days a week. My diet is already good as it is, but I’ve added back in healthy carbohydrates. This is with the recommendation of a dietician. Since adding back the carbs, I’ve generally felt more energetic. And it looks like I’m continuing to trim fat, especially in the stubborn lower belly area.

I’ve continued to train in boxing and play basketball when I can. I have recently added a beginner calisthenics and yoga routine. I’ve taken a particular interest in calisthenics. Yoga is mainly there to combat a lot of my lower back pain from being in a sitting/driving position for long periods of time.

On a fun note, this challenge was more about setting a goal with friends but making it fun at the same time. For me, the process has become less intense and even if I don’t win JD2, we all still move forward in our fitness. So we all still win.

I’ve always wanted to create an ‘epic’ video in the style of HBO’s 24/7 Boxing Series. Now that you have the back story, here’s the silly video I did. I don’t know how many people saw the fun and humour in this; and how many people took this seriously, LOL.

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