Taking a Break

You don’t really get any time off as an entrepreneur (well, at least when you’re still getting started). And sometimes you really just need a break from it all. Neha invited me to join her for a beach trip. It’s been raining in Brisbane recently, so we took advantage of a rare sunny day when we got it.

I edited this video on a refurbished desktop I recently purchased.

Note to self: Do not attempt to change your production system the day before a video is due.

From the editing side, I’ve also started to dabble with improving audio quality with basic noise reduction using Audacity. None of my cameras have a good microphone, so the sound quality really leaves a lot to be desired at this stage. I’ve also been taking notes about timing with the background music. You’ll probably notices some transitions are timed to the beat. I’ve also used video stabilisation on some of the clips.

I thought I’d share some notes about the hardware I used for video capture and video editing.


  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Kodak Play Sport Action Camera
  • Canon IXUS 175

Current (New) Desktop Computer Specs

  • Intel i7 – 3770 CPU @ 3.4 GHZ (Quad Core)
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 240 GB SSD + 500 GB Hard Drive
  • 4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Previous Laptop

  • Intel i5 Dual Core
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 300 GB 5200 rpm Hard Drive
  • Intel Graphics


  • Linux Mint 18.3 Syliva – XFCE Desktop
  • Kdenlive Video Editor
  • Audacity (for noise reduction)

As you can see above, my cameras are really laughable lol. But they do the job for now.

There definitely was a big improvement when it came to video editing and rendering times using my new desktop. Because of the Quad Core processor, I can also safely multi-task while it video rendering without affecting the quality. My previous laptop really struggled with processing and had heat issues. I have also been running out of hard drive space on the laptop for all the videos.

So getting the desktop is the first step for slowly upgrading my gear.

I got my desktop from Australian Computer Traders right here in Brisbane. Note that I am very budget conscious and certainly did not want to drop $3000 on a new desktop or laptop just for video editing.



Neha Sen

My cute nephew Malcolm


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