Week in Review: Episode 3

This week, I take a look at the state of my Youtube Channel. I’ve got some earlier videos that I am embarrassed about in terms of quality.


Now that I have a working online catalogue for my Event Elves website, I’m starting to see an increase in web traffic. I show some of the stats using the Monster Insights WordPress plugin.

Event Elves

Monster Insights WordPress Plugin


Gnome 3.34 is coming, however there aren’t many features I find super interesting.

Syncthing is an awesome cross-platform file sync program that I have been using to Sync files securely and privately between my desktop and laptop computers.

The Mainline…

I’m still making do with a poor man’s video recording setup. The gear really isn’t important (for now). What’s more important for me is to continue doing the best with the gear that I have. At the end of the day, it is about the skill development and consistency that is most important to me.

I’m super thankful to everyone that has subscribed to my Youtube channel so far. I’ve learned so much from other people posting video tutorials. I’m hoping to give back to this wonderful community by also sharing videos that somebody out there may find helpful.

My earlier videos were definitely not very high quality. But I’ve learned to put together some decent videos for my Event Elves channel.

Event Elves Youtube Channel


Drunk Text – Loveshadow
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