Why Make Videos?

A few people have been asking me lately about the weekly videos that I have been doing. This week I discuss a few of the reasons why I have been doing weekly videos.

Late last year I decided to start doing videos as part of a personal project. The original intention was to improve my presentation skills by ironing out all the bad speech mannerisms such as saying “um” and “like”. Also, I wanted to fix the annoying facial expressions I make when I speak in public.

I have always wanted to learn how to do basic video editing and took this as an opportunity to learn something new.

I have really enjoyed the process of piecing together a topic, shooting, editing and releasing on a weekly basis. It takes up a lot of my time but I find that I am getting better and a bit faster with the process.

At the moment, I have no grand vision as to what will become of these videos. I’m not really trying to be an influencer. It is really just a personal challenge that I want to do for a whole year. After that, I may or may not continue with it.

I have never really been a “selfie” kind of guy. I don’t do much on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. I never thought I would be enjoying doing these videos. This has become my platform of choice for sharing my updates and information (for now at least). With that said, I’m not trying to make viral videos. It also doesn’t bother me if people don’t watch them. I try to cater to today’s short attention spans but place more focus and importance on the richness of the content.

Here are some other reasons/benefits for doing these weekly videos:

  • This is my idea of a time capsule. There are long periods in my life lately where there are rarely any photos of me. This would be a great way for me to personally look back and see how I was in a particular time in my life. This is true for all of the guests I will have in my videos.
  • In the future this can serve as a library of information that I can pass down to the younger generation, like my kids for example.
  • Releasing weekly videos also get me into the habit of writing again.
  • This give me a chance to get to know people on a deeper level. I can do this by spending quality time by having them as guests.



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